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The Services We Offer

You can select a website option from the packages below to view additional details about the range of features we offer.





Why Activ is Totally Unique

We stand out from the rest due to the following:

  1. We offer timely meetings with our esteemed clients. Our local Web Design consultants are ready and willing to meet you face-to-face and discuss your web design needs in a professional way.

  2. We take you through the web-designing process step by step. We give you options to choose from.

  3. We usually perform minor content updates on your website free of charge.

Aside from designing a wonderful website, we also offer some assistance in increasing the online profile. We usually offer fantastic SEO service. Get to know more about search engine optimisation by clicking here.

Specialised Services

Activ provide a range of products and services aimed at enhancing the development of businesses and entrepreneurs across the globe.

Within the group we provide practical business advice along with:



We offer affordable fixed price websites that are designed specifically for small businesses. You can get a fully designed and hosted website with not hidden costs.


mobile Websites

Activ create websites specifically for mobile with quick loading, visible web features and easy to navigate, thus saving the user a great deal of time while navigating through.


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

If you have a new business website, the big challenge is to optimise it for search engines. You should worry no more because Activ SEO has many years of experience in making your site rank high on search engines as well as generating traffic to your site. In addition, we offer website audit program meant to identify areas of your website that need some improvement for SEO purposes.


Social Media Management

Social media plays a great role in creating awareness of your website and business. As such, Activ provide a social media program meant to promote your online presence using all major social media platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


Website Auditing Program

Activ utilises auditing software, which analyses all the areas of your website both internally and externally. We can also thoroughly guide you on how to improve your website’s online presence. We also offer you tips on the latest SEO strategies that will enable you get the best SEO results.


Social Media Platform

Activ Social is a local community social media website that carries reviews, news, and comments on everything to do with your local area. This is from where is the best place to sleep, eat or have fun to certain controversial issues that affect the local community.

why choose us

Low price, fixed cost

You will know the cost of your website from the outset, with no nasty surprises or hidden extras

Specialists in the small business sector

We have designed thousands of websites for small business owners since 2007 & have lots of satisfied customers.

Local web design consultants

Our consultants are local to you & run their own businesses, so understand what is needed to get a website noticed in your area.